Pascal Goet

Pascal  Goet

Pascal Goet was born in 1958 in the north of France. Between 1980 and 1985, he travels to Asia and South America in order to see the rainforest and the insects. He also takes part in shooting films about animals in Iceland, Kenya, Zambia and Spain. Pascal Goet is a lover of nature and he wants to pay tribute to its beauty in the most surprising ways. He brings an ode to a world in which the creation lies in the Hara of Mother-Nature and is called Life? All these animals, all the plants that exist in the silence of conscience, without any plan or any goal? Relying on instincts, living in the instant, they amaze us with the complexity of their ?non-intention?. It is this creative power that he wants to portray. He also wants to work with this material that has no conscience, to empty his spirit as if he was meditating, to search the essence of creation and unveil it, so that nobody can ignore it or look away. The artist wants us to look at these luxurious shapes, textures and colors, that are perfect and that have no design.

Les oeuvres de Pascal Goet ont été mises en avant dans un article du magazine "El Pais Semanal" en février 2019.
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April, 21 to 20 of april : Exhibition at Not A Gallery, Paris
March, 14 to 17 : Affordable Art Fair Bruxelles with Xinart Gallery, France
December 2018 to june 2019 : Exhibition at « Musée des Confluences de Lyon », France
December : Permanently at Xinart Gallery, France
November 22 to january 16 : Exhibition at Hegoa gallery, Paris
November 8 to 11: Fotofever 2018 thanks to Hegoa gallery
November : Permanently at Hegoa Gallery, Paris, France
May 31 to june 6 : Pop-up store, 6, rue Auber, Paris
May 25 to 3 june 3 : Arts'nimaux in Montfort l'Amaury, France
April 7 : Faber-1 sold on auction in Drouot, Paris
Decembrer : Best of in the Galerie Blin plus Blin
6 to 27 october : Mozaïques in Pont Sainte-Marie, France
Summer 2017 : Galerie Blin plus Blin, Paris et Montfort l'Amaury, Best of.
May 10 to 14: AAF London with ARTELITE Gallery
September to march : Exhibition on the grids of the Natural History Museum of La Rochelle, France
1st july to 15 august : Exhibition "L'été Rochegude" in Albi, Fance
May : Exhibition at Artelite, Montpellier
March 2016 : Exhibition at Galerie Blin plus Blin, Paris 6th
February : AAF Brussels with ARTELITE Gallery
27 au 30 november: ST’ART, Strasbourg’s Art Fair, France
November 2015: Permanently at Blin plus Blin Gallery, 46 rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris
29 october to 1er november: AAF Amsterdam, Art Fair
10 to 19 september: Exhibition Mondain, Collection privée, 75008 Paris
July, august: « Best Of » at Blin plus Blin Gallery of Paris
July, august: « Best Of » at Blin plus Blin Gallery, Montfort l’Amaury
June, july, august: Exhibition at Gallery AD -Stories of Identity - Internationaal Fotofestival Gent 2015
April 18 to 4th of may : Exhibition at Art Fair Antibes, France
February 6 to april 6, 2015 : Exhibition at Galerie Blin, Montfort l’Amaury
October 9 to 13 : Exhibition at Photo’s week in Le Touquet, France
August 15 to 30: Bettina gallery, Paris
May 2014: The Gallery - Montfort l'Amaury (78)
April 2014: Bettina gallery, 75006 Paris
April 2 to May 29: Bettina gallery, Paris
April 28 to May 18: Christiane Peugeot gallery
20 to 15 February 2014: Bettina gallery, Paris
November 28 to December 1, 2013: MAC Paris Art Fair, Paris
15-17 November 2013: Fotofever Paris - Art 22 Gallery
4-6 October 2013: Fotofever Brussels - Art 22 Gallery
September 25 to 29 : Exhibition at Royal Monceau Gallery, Paris
Start of the "Mask" project for contemporary art
1991 until today: Numerous publications of photo-reports in the french press (Le Figaro Magazine, National Geographic, Ca m'Intéresse, Science & Vie ...) and their foreign counterparts on topic ranging from the nature to anthropology
1990: Became a professional photographer specializing in macro photography
1985-1989: Participation in films about animals. Iceland, Kenya, Zambia, Spain...
1980-1985: Several travels (Malaysia, Peru) to discover equatorial forests and insects
1958: Birth in the north of France

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